Purchase Guide


Account Registering

In order to buy any course or become a member of our center, customers/ learners must first register with a personal account providing the following information:

  • Username (required)
  • Name (required)
  • E-mail address (required)

Account Usage Policy

After properly setting up the account, the user can log in to it at any time and use the resources of the site available on the website. To take full advantage of the website’s resources, you must purchase a monthly subscription to access training materials.

See the current price list HERE.

One registered account can only be used by one user. However, one user can use his account from any device interchangeably: computer / tablet / phone regardless of time and place.

How to enroll in the course?

To start learning the course, click on one of the buttons visible on the page: Buy Membership or Buy course.

  • Buy Membership gives you access to all courses on the website available under your account, as part of the monthly fee.  Every two weeks there is also a new training as part of the monthly fee.

After selecting the appropriate button you will be redirected to the cart page, where you can log in to your account or create a new one. You will be asked to make a payment and accept the regulations. You can start learning the course as soon as you have paid for the course or Membership account.


Payments for the course and Membership account can be made via:

  • Visa
  • Mastercards
  • American Express
  • Discover

Why should you set up a Membership account?

  • Every two weeks a new course
  • Access to education 24/7
  • Easy course access and friendly interface
  • Access to closed webinars
  • The ability to track your progress
  • Access to a closed group on Facebook

How long do I have to pay for Membership account?

You pay the Membership account for a month. This fee is automatically renewable after 30 days. Throughout the period for which you have paid the account, you have access to selected courses/webinars available as part of the selected subscription. You can opt-out of any fees. Remember, however, that if you unsubscribe, you lose access to all courses/webinars and help that was available with the last day you paid.

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