Photoshop art preset



A preset for photoshop enabling the artistic appearance of visualization.
Thanks to the numerous layers, we can freely edit the photo and get many different effects with one preset.

What do you need?
  • any visualization
  • Photoshop (not part of the product)
How to install and use a preset?
  1. Open the visualization in Photoshop
  2. Click 2x on the file called NORMA- Sketch Art
  3. Display Window> Actions
  4. Find the folder named Architecture Sketch Art in the Action list and expand the folder
  5. Click on the subfolder named Step 1 and click the start button in the Action window (an additional layer will be created automatically and the Brush tool selected)
  6. Paint the picture (you can paint the whole picture or just a fragment); those elements that will not be painted will be more strongly marked with paint blots
  7. In the list of actions, locate the subfolder called Architecture and click the start action button
  8. You can change the effect obtained by editing the individual effects on the layer list.
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