About Me

My Story 1

My Story

How I started teaching

Immediately after graduation, I went abroad. I wanted to see the world, great architecture. Visiting the world I designed interiors, exhibitions and wrote for newspapers. Even then I knew that I would not decide to work in someone's office because the world is too big and beautiful to sit in one place all the time. Then I started looking for a form of work that would allow me to travel, but at the same time design and share my knowledge with others. Over 15 years ago I started creating the first online courses. When the Internet was not available everywhere, and people could not even imagine contacting the teacher at a distance. Then I was invited to cooperate with the University of Warsaw in Poland, which created the first faculty of distance learning. After this collaboration, I knew: the future is online training.

Now all my trainings are conducted in this way.

My Values 2

My Values

It is a long established fact that a reade.

The work of an architect has always been associated with hectoliters of coffee drunk, sleepless nights and lack of time. I absolutely don't think it should looks like that. I create online courses to give my students the opportunity to study comfortably anywhere, anytime. Learning online is convenient and available 24/7. However, this does not mean that you should be online around the clock. I teach you how to manage your time better and learn accurately. At the same time, however, I encourage my students to rest, find time for themselves. An overworked mind does not affect our creativity, work and private life. My courses are not courses where you are left alone. You study in weekly blocks because they mobilize you to learn. At first glance, my courses seem longer than others, but as a result, more people finish my courses, not just start them. Have you ever enrolled in a course you haven't completed? Bought a book you haven't read completely? This is exactly what happens if there is no regularity and plan which you should follow on the course and when you are alone with learning.

I'm here for you.

My Experience 3

My Experience

Human learns his whole life

Just as I teach others in my online courses, I also teach myself constantly to share the most current knowledge with others. My work and passion are related to interior and garden design, which is why my online courses are mainly related to this subject. I also constantly participate in trainings organized all over the world, participate in webinars and improve my qualifications. You can also meet me at conferences devoted to architectural issues, interior design and technological innovations. I also try not to limit myself to one software. In my opinion, a program that works great for designing one type of object does not have to be the best when designing different projects. That's why you will find various online courses on my website.
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